Here’s my appreciation!!!

Thank you for the massive support for my tutorials – videos and blog post.

Your support means a whole lot to me.

Your kind words motivates me to create even more great things for the world to share.

I have created this page to help guide you on how best to CONNECT with me when you need help or answers, particularly when you have personal questions or when you find yourself faced with a situation and you want to fix it quickly and move on.

Where to find help

YouTube Comment Section

The fastest method to get a response to your questions is to ask the questions via the comment sections directly under my YouTube Videos. I check these daily so you’ll certainly get my attention within a short time.

My FAQ Page

Make sure to check out the FAQ page on this website when you have a question. The answer you need might just be there waiting for you. I update the page every now and then so you’re sure to find current solutions to whatever questions you have.

My Affiliate Support and Update Forums

I highly recommend this not because I make a small commission but because I honestly believe it will make your life easier. You will enjoy the process of using the relevant service or software even more since you’ll have other users and experts with you in the forum. It’s like having a tutor by your side when you’re writing an exam.

My Facebook Page

If you like my Facebook page then you will get my updates announced to you in your news feed by Facebook. This way, you will not miss any update except you’re not a frequent user of facebook yourself.

My Instagram and YouTube Live.

Here you can ask me questions and get the answers instantly but you will have to follow me on Instagram, subscribe to my YouTube Channel and turn on Post Notification on both platforms so that Instagram and YouTube can notify you when I go live. Except you catch me live, you may have to use any of the other means here to get your questions across.

Sunshine Support Forums (Fora)

These are the free and paid membership forums as well as Master Classes I created for my VIPs. There are amazing men and women willing to come to your aid in the free membership forums, however, the paid membership forum is where I live myself. So if you want 24-HOURS access and quick response to your concerns then give my paid membership forums a thought.