If your desire is to start living your happiest life, then YOU’VE COME TO THE RIGHT PLACE.

Before we get started at all, I want you to ALWAYS bear this in mind,

“WHAT you spend your time on matters a lot more than the number of hours you work or how “hard” you work.” So, you must get WHAT takes your time right, only then can you fully maximize your potentials.

To live your happiest life, you have to create a life you love living. No one can do that for you, you can only be guided, and that’s why I am here. So, follow me closely.

What do you need to focus on first?

You need to quit guessing what might or might not work. You need to be CERTAIN and INTENTIONAL. You need to PLAN, then WORK to GROW.

How can you be certain and intentional?

You have to make up your mind to do that. There’s no other way around it. Do you know making up your mind to change your life is one of the hardest things you will be faced with? Think about it and you will see. Once you make up your mind to change, it becomes easier to follow up on your plans.

Once your mind is made up, you’ll need to do the following:

First you need a deep inward search of who you are. You need to accept your abilities and capabilities. No hype. No dressing. No bloated ego. No aspire to perspire. Just a sincere acknowledgement of what you can actually do given your personal make-up and available resources. YOU NEED TO COME TO TERMS WITH YOUR STRENGTH AND WEAKNESSES AS THEY ARE, NOT AS YOU HOPE THEY ARE.

I’m not saying belittle or downgrade yourself, I am saying be HONEST with yourself.

Second, make a list of what you want, everything you desire. Dream big all you want but make sure you clearly set WHAT YOU WANT FROM THIS LIFE. Don’t dream vague dreams. Be precise. Be certain. And don’t just dream them in your head or mind. Write them down. Write the vision, make it plain. That way you can run with it without fainting.

Third, bearing in mind your strength and weaknesses as well as your available resources, create a REALISTIC PLAN of where to start then SCALE your way upward as you grow.

Draw up achievement milestones so that you can celebrate your small wins. Celebrating your small wins is very important to your mental health, so don’t sleep on it.

Mind you, a realistic plan must create your starting point around the resources you have and can access, not the ones you hope to access, anything outside this is a gamble.  Don’t gamble on your plans because once you do, it will no longer be a plan, it will be another dream you have to plan to achieve.  I hope you get it? A realistic plan must also include what you need to change about your life and routine, things you need to learn and even habits you need to improve on or avoid completely.  Until you do this, you’re only hyped, you’re not ready.

Before you can create a life you love, you need to understand the things you need to change in your life right now and what to steadily work on in order to make the totality of what you do to connect to the big picture you have set for yourself. No effort should be done in isolation. All effort must be in tandem, to the realization of your big dreams.

Being passionate about so many things is not a problem, even if the ‘many things’ are not related, but you need to know how they connect to your life’s big picture. The end result of your passions combined  must be to enhance your big picture.

Summarily, it’s not enough to dream of something, you have to create a plan to achieve it! You need to create a plan that will help you build the life you love and now’s the time to do just that if you haven’t done so already. My SMART BUSINESS PLAN will help you get started on writing a realistic plan that will guide you while CREATING THE LIFE YOU LOVE. Click here to download.

Are you doubting the possibilities ahead?

I know how it feels. To not see the light at the end of the tunnel. To feel like you’re just going through the motions every day, never making any real impact. To know that you are destined for more but right now your life feels pretty empty. To know you are giving your best but the results is completely discouraging, or you desire to give your best but factors outside your control are standing in the way.

Six years ago I was a recent uni graduate with bloated hopes of working and living the life, but the real world have no business with bloated hopes. Life wasn’t smiling. And I was overwhelmed. Thankfully I noticed this early enough so I did a lot of observation during my compulsory national service (NYSC). Immediately after the service, I set a goal to incorporate my all-time product business while I build my service business on the side. Part of my plan was to be a 9to5 for 12 months just to see if there’s anything I can pick up for use in my service business. After the 12 months, I started my service business, and it felt IMPOSSIBLE to get people to be interested in my services — much less get them to patronize!

I knew I couldn’t continue the way things were. So, I did one of the hardest things a person could do… I made the decision to change my life, whatever it takes. I became intentional about everything that placed demand on my time. What’s that they say about time is money again?

After some months of trial and error, I finally figured out a system that WORKED. And not just for my service business — I used my newly discovered system to sell services in three different industries, as well as to sell digital courses, memberships groups, and more!

Before then, I thought I needed to do MORE to finally start attracting clients. I thought my audience wasn’t big enough and my sales system needed more bells and whistles (which is not even allowed in my kind of service business and that was quiet frustrating).

But I was dead wrong.

The system that finally worked and changed EVERYTHING for my businesses was far simpler than anything I had tried in the past.

Turns out, I didn’t need BIGGER or MORE… I actually needed a different strategy altogether. I only need to ensure whatever I do in a day is relevant to what I desire to achieve in the long run. The only way I could be sure, of course, was to have a deliberate plan and work on it one step at a time. 

Since I discovered the new system, I have helped hundreds of freelancers, consultants, coaches, course creators and business owners work smarter, work less and profit more.

I can help you too.

If you truly desire to change your life, to do what you love every day, to wake up feeling like you have a purpose and go to bed at night feeling fulfilled, but you don’t know what to do.

Or maybe, just maybe…

You want to uncover who you really are, who you’re meant to be, and start to live a life that’s 100% intentional.

Perhaps you’re at the point where you’re thinking you need to change your job, define your love life, get clarity in your relationship, move out of your parent’s house, or grow your business to make a bigger impact.

But ultimately, you are absolutely ready to change your life but you have no idea where or how to start, or you simply doubt the possibilities ahead.

If that sounds like you, then YOU’VE COME TO THE RIGHT PLACE. I am here to give you all the help you need.

Believe me when I say you can change your life. You just have to work for it. And I am here to help you do the needful to create that amazing life you love. Whatever your current situation, I will help you work more strategically and intentionally to build a better life and grow your business for profit.


The world is huge and very complex and carving out a happy life out of the complex world may not be easy. After reading this guide, you might find that you have even more questions. If there’s any way you feel I can help please don’t hesitate to reach out.

You can always contact me via my personal email address, hello@estherfagbenle.com. I read and personally respond to every single email that I receive. It’s my passion to provide people with the tools and training they need to create the life they love and grow their businesses faster and stronger than they ever would be able to do on their own so do not hesitate to send me an email. You can equally use the contact form below to send me a mail.

Before you send me a mail though, I encourage you to follow the guide I highlighted above and download my SMART BUSINESS PLAN to create a plan for yourself, this way you will be able to ask better informed questions when you send the email.

Hi, I’m Sunshine.

I’m an online business strategist and content marketing expert. I create content that help coaches and entrepreneurs to be their best, chase their passion, and smartly create their business success online.

Through weekly YouTube videos, sporadic Blog posts, and engaging Instagram Live and Stories, I share my knowledge and strategies with the hope to inspire others, who desperately want to change their lives, to take action.

Let me ask you something…

Are you ready to start living your dream?

Draw your plan, send me an email and I’ll give you all the assistance you need to achieve your goals. If you need help drawing your plan, you’ll find my SMART BUSINESS PLAN very useful.

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Hi there. I’m Esther, but you can call me SUNSHINE.

esther fagbenle

I’m a teacher and creative problem solver dedicated to helping you build your passion and ideas into a business that gives you the opportunity to live the life you love.

For more than 6 years I did my teachings offline and via WhatsApp groups, teaching coaches, freelancers and business owners how to leverage the online space to build successful profitable businesses. I was making a tremendous impact and my students were making their money. I felt fulfilled even though I knew I was limiting myself by not carving an online space for myself too. I had a bunch of excuses to justify my failure to do the things I know and desperately love to do, and some of the excuses were legitimate and understandable. But the truth is, I am not supposed to allow ANYTHING stop me from reaching my full potentials.

I knew I couldn’t stay on limiting myself so I had to find a way to beat my limitations and here I am now.

So, I finally started my YouTube channels and Blog and I have tagged them ‘Sunshine Solutions’.

Sunshine Solutions was borne out of the need to create the life I love while helping people who desire online success to get started, get creative and get better.

Starting what I love looked like a faraway dream until I made the decision to CHANGE my life, so I’m here to tell you that you can change your life. You just have to work for it. And I am here to help you through your journey to building that life you love.