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I’ve got to say I admire your determination to make the right decision, to be a part of my exclusive team of amazing driven individuals who all have the same goal – to create the life they love and live happily ever after!


With diverse passion and business interest, we are united by one common goal, the goal to SUCCEED in the online world!

This ever-growing team is buzzing with resolute men and women who are already celebrating successful milestones as they continue to learn and grow with me on a weekly basis.

Now that you’re ready to start ‘growing’ with me, enter your name and email address in the form below and I’ll send you the link to join my VIP team.

Now that you’re ready to start ‘growing’ with me

enter your name and email address in the form below and I’ll send you the link to join my VIP team..

In case you’re wondering, “what will I get from being a VIP…?”

Here it is! As a member of my exclusive VIP team, you will…

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As a valued member of my VIP team, you get exclusive access to a library of free resources to guide you through YouTube videos, blog posts, website design, SEO, Google Analytics & Search Console setup, and even help you navigate the maze of social media! I have created these planners, checklists, workbooks, calendars, & other resources just for YOU!

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How about we take some time to learn a little bit about each other?

I’ll go first!

I’m Sunshine! The creator and plug behind Sunshine Series

After trying 9to5 for about 12 months, I decided that working for another company just wasn’t for me. I’ve always known this anyways, but I had to try it out to stop the voice in my head telling me “I might be missing out on something. I know I’m way too creative to sit behind a desk from 9to5 treating some files or just plugging away at a computer! The life I love in my head is more eventful than that.

I need to live in a world of possibilities, not a world of ‘either this or nothing’. I need to be creating, sharing, and learning every day to feed my soul! So I did three things.

  • I did a sincere, no-crap, analysis of me, my life and resources at my disposal.
  • I researched trends; what the world around me needs and how I can meet that needs.
  • Then I signed up for digital marketing, business support, sales and leadership courses.

During this time, I realized that the digital marketing world fits me like a glove!  So I dove all in.

I’m always excited about teaching people so I packaged courses to share my newly acquired knowledge, teaching people either through physical classes or virtually via WhatsApp. I did this for about 6 years until recently when I could no longer put off the nagging voice in my head to fully explore my creativity and share my mind with a larger audience. So I bought a website domain and created this little website that you are on right now. To be honest with you… creating a successful online presence can be scary! When I first bought my domain, I spent nearly 2 months freaking out with overwhelm. And even though I know what to do and how to do it, the idea of creating content that anybody from anywhere in the world can key into at any time was so overwhelming that I didn’t start designing my website until about 7 months after hosting it.

But WHAT kept me calm all the while is that I know the world I’m getting into! I know how to create online content that can boost a website’s traffic, engagement, and conversions. I know how to sell online. I know how to teach; I have thought more than a thousand students and I’m particularly proud of those that practiced what I taught them. I understand search engine optimization, maybe not as much as an SEO expert but enough to share what I know! And I know the ins and outs of social media, I am on it on a daily basis even though I barely push out my own content on it. Knowing that I know these things was assuring. I only need to get over the ‘start frenzy’ and I’ll be fine. And the moment I actually started, everything else fell in line.

So take this from me: once you know the things you should know, creating your own successful online presence will become a lot easier!  And I know you can do it because you’ve got me on your side. Remember that saying that “2 is better than 1”?! I will work every step of your success with you.

There’s so much we can do together but you can’t learn all from a distance.  I’m hoping to see you with the team so we can rub minds together!

Feel free to take some more time to read my blog posts, learn more about me from somewhere else on this website, and explore my YouTube videos and social media. But after that, I expect to see you on the other side as a member of my VIP team!

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